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The educational component will take several forms. At its root, BAC will help U.S. athletes better understand cultural, political and economic similarities and differences between peoples of the U.S. and Cuba. Through its program of collecting and delivering baseball gear to kids in Cuba, BAC will strive to instill compassion in all participants.


One of BAC’s principal objectives is to help U.S. athletes learn the value of “giving back.” The lessons learned from assisting others who are less fortunate and have fewer opportunities to pursue dreams will have a compounding effect on BAC participants. Personal satisfaction is one benefit. Greater awareness of community, of giving back at home, is an equally valuable and powerful lesson.


In addition, BAC will develop a curriculum centered around BAC efforts and the restoration of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Details of curriculum content and plans for implementation are being developed and will roll out in years two or three, in conjunction with the Bronx Bombers community enrichment programs.


BAC will also seek to develop scholarship programs for qualified U.S. and Cuban student athletes. Details are in development.


Recycling baseball gear can open doors for opportunities on both sides of the Straits of Florida. The key to success is often as simple as having the right tool for the job.

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